Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday Heat

Dang just wiped out everything I wrote.It was hot today in Texas and gonna be hot tomorrow.Yesterdays rain helped to wash alot of dirt away.gave my tomato plants a good washing.You could hear their ahhhs from in the house.

Finally gave the dog a bath,he was ready for it too. He crawled into the tub and looked at me like he was asking whats taking so long?Hes a lab/wolf mix. He was gave to me from a lady up in Hamlin Texas. her daughter kept hearing whines coming from a den and she looked and found my baby and 11 other pups.2died and she manage to give away the others. I wasnt looking for a dog cause I was still grieving over my other two I had to put down but....I called and she said she had two left one girl and one boy and she wanted to keep the girl. Now he was sight unseen.So she brought him to Abilene and I saw him coming out of that cage,he had gotten car sick and threw up.He was so scared,he had a yellow blanket(which he still lays on) and I never told my husband I got him so when I brought him he sniffed around and I went and woke up hubby. I told him I went and got a dog and boy he groaned and Orion was peeking around the corner growling at him. So hubby got up and first thing he said,hes gonna look better isnt he? See Orion was born with a bad case of mange.And after 160.00 and alot of TLC he looks like he does now. We almost lost him once and I couldn't find a vet to work with me on payments but the good Lord found us some money and I was able to take him to the vets.
So it was meant for us to keep him.Now he's a daddys boy. Everytime my husband goes to work he pouts and he jumps around when he gets home.Rotten dog!

Having sloppy joes tonight on wheat buns. We don't eat white bread and haven't for a long time. When we got married he would but I changed over to wheat and it became normal. I've changed our eating habits alot. Since we have gotten older it makes a difference.See do something enough it becomes habit:)

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